Thursday, July 22, 2010

15 Months!

My goodness!  Where has time gone?  Today Lily is 15 months so I thought I would share some of the things she has accomplished recently!

 Lily decided to serve herself.  This is what ended up on her tray, the rest of the bag ended up on the floor!

*  Lily started walking shortly after her first birthday, however, running seems to be her new method of transportation.
*  She has mastered the stairs, finally going down backwards!
*  Lily can sign "all done,"  "more" and we have been working on "thank you!"
*  Lily can say mommy, daddy, ball, kitty, milk and barks like a dog.
*  Lily is a champion eater, rarely leaving anything on her plate.
*  Lily has figured out how to push "Play" on the DVD player (from her sister I suppose)
*  Lily can pick up her toys.
*  Lily is really starting to enjoy the pool and wants to walk in the deeper water by her sissy.
*  Lily can use a fork and a spoon but I would not recommend being within 6 feet of her when she is
*  Lily is starting to pick up books on her own and look at them rather than try to tear the pages.
*  Lily's LOVES to throw her diapers away on her own.

Playing in the giant water table at the Mississippi River Museum

We have been so blessed to have been given Lily.  She has taught us more in her 15 months than many people learn in a lifetime.  Her stubborness, persistence and determination are what have gotten her where she is today.  Somedays it is so easy to forget that she has any medical conditions at all!  Lily, you truly are a gift from God.

Mommy and her little miracle!

On another note, funding for a Dubuque chapter of Heart Friends has been approved for one year!!  Also, this Saturday night at Cascade High School the Dubuque Bruisers, a semi-pro football team, will play to help raise awareness Congenital Heart Defects.  We will be there to share Lily's story so please join us!

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