Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Horsey-Riding, Tap-Dancing Kind of Girl

Recently, Ellie started a tap dancing class.  She is so excited each Monday to get her tutu on, and her tights and of course, her "tap tap" shoes!

 In the past, she has gone to gymnastics class, Tot Lot and preschool without any fear or tears.  But to our surprise, she cried the first day of tap class.  She came running out of class hysterically crying.  As hard as it was, I handed her off kicking and screaming to the teacher who took her into the class.  Moments later, there was no crying to be heard.  However, she decided to sit and just watch the first tap class.  So this past Monday she was hurrying around the house looking for her tutu and "tap tap" shoes, ready to get dressed and go to tap class.  There were no tears and she walked in the class ready to tap away...or so I thought!  Turns out Ellie decided she was just going to be a spectator.  Her instructor said she was sprawled out on the floor enjoying watching the other girls!  So we've decided at this point to give it a couple more weeks.  Hopefully she will get over her shyness and start to participate.

Now, tap dancing at home is a whole other story.  In fact, Ellie is so talented she can tap dance and ride her pony at the same time!!

And of course it wouldn't be quite "Ellie" unless she was riding her pony and tap dancing without pants!!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is Lily's 6-month cardiology check - up!  We are hoping for all good news and no surprises.  On Friday, we will be in Iowa City again to have tubes places in Lily's ears.  Since last September she has had 13 ear infections.  We are hoping these tubes help!  Please say a little prayer that our Lily Bug has a good appointment and the tubes help alleviate some of the ear infections.

Happy Fall Everyone!!

The Duves

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looks Who's Three!

Just three short years ago we welcomed Ellie Jane Duve into our family at 2:31 pm.  Ellie was 7 lbs, 8 oz and 20.5 inches long.  From the start, she was our cuddle bug.  She is still our little cuddle bug, taking every chance she can get to cuddle up with us.  Ellie will always hold a special place in my heart...she was the reason I was able to be called a mother!  I love you Ellie Jane!

             First day home from the hospital

            Nothing but trouble...

            But she sure looks sweet doesn't she?

            Ellie and her friend Nora

             Proud big sister!

            First day of school!

            Happy Birthday Sweetheart!