Monday, May 17, 2010

One Year Ago!

One year ago yesterda Lily was released from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics following her birth and two open heart surgeries
                                                          Getting ready to go home!                                                             

                                                            And here I am today!!

I wish that I could share with you Lily's newest adventure but I just can't seem to get the video to upload so if anyone has any suggestions please share.  Keystone AEA came last Monday to see how Lily has been progressing.  We are glad to report that she is right on track in every way.  Last night she showed us just how determined of a little girl she is...she wants to walk!  She would get up on her feet, take a step and fall and get right back up, take a few steps, fall and repeat this over and over until she had made her way over to me!  All of this I got on video.  It is just amazing to see how far she has come in one short year!  We are so blessed that Lily has been as healthy as she has been.  She is one amazing little girl!

We had our family pictures taken on Saturday so as soon as we get them back I will share!  I can't wait to see them.  We had pictures taken back when Ellie was a baby and they turned out awful so these will officially be our first family photos since Lily was born.  Thanks to Amy and Kari from Life Photography.  They were absolutely wonderful with the girls!

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  1. Happy one Year Anniversary on your return home from Lily's surgeries. Time sure does fly by. What a little miracle she is!!

    Can't wait to see your family photos!