Friday, April 30, 2010

Cake, Horses and the Heart Walk

 A little late, but here they are!  On April 25th we had Lily's first birthday party.  Everybody came to help us celebrate this little miracle turning 1!  She had a great time with everyone!  She was a little weary of opening presents, but big sister Ellie was such a great help with that!  Once Lily got a little taste of her cake she didn't want to let it go.  She was actually pretty neat about eating it, but then she started getting tired, and started rubbing the eyes and soon cake was everywhere. 

This week the girls got a special treat!  A good friend and co-worker of mine had asked me if the girls would like to come out and see her horse Samara.  Well, Ellie has been talking about ponies for the past two months since there are quite a few that live very close to us and we see them on our drive home everyday.  I thought this would be a great opportunity for her to see the horses up close.  I honestly never thought she would get on one, especially once we got there and she wouldn't even touch the horse.  But to my surprise they both rode with Kristen.  And when Lily wasn't on the horse she kept herself busy by eating grass and munching on the gate!


Just a last minute reminder that tomorrow is the Heart Walk.  Registration begins at 8 am and the walk begins at 9 am.  If you are interested in walking with Team Lily please meet us at the Thermo Fisher parking lot between 8-8:30.  I am so excited that we were able to see 101 Team Lily t-shirts.  In addition, Thermo-Fisher, staff from Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School, Ladies Clutch and relatives have given additional donations.  I really think we can reach out goal of $1000!!!


  1. Great pictures!! I love the purple frosting everywhere, good job Lily! Looks like the girls has fun with the horse, what a net experience for them.
    Happy Birthday, Lily!

    Heidi, Kevin, Ellie & Baby Girl

  2. Neat pictures!!! The purple frosting all over her face is PRICELESS!!!

    I grew up with horses so I know what an experience it is for kids! I am sure they will remember that for a long time!